how I'm feeling today (2:30am) Language Alert

We (the United States) need to stop trying to reason with the entire Middle Eastern region. We cannot bring them around to our way of thinking, they cannot bring us around to their way of thinking, and for sure we cannot make them hate us any more than they already do. We're not going to win their hearts and minds, any more than we were going to win over the Vietnamese during that little scuffle.
So it's time to take the gloves off and quit worrying about offending them. If they want to use a mosque as a base of military operations, then we should treat it as such. If they want to use women and children as shields, well, that sucks for the women and children, but those women won't produce more terrorists, and those children won't grow up to be terrorists. FUCK THEM ALL. It may be politically incorrect, but I JUST DON'T CARE WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT US ANY MORE.

Writer's Block: The Walking Dead

depends on the type of zombie we're discussing. For slow, shuffling ones, like in Shawn of the Dead,  I'd go for the liquid nitrogen, freeze them and hit them with a sledgehammer. For fast, aggressive zombies like in "I Am Legend", or potentially fast ones like in Walking Dead, I"d stock a boat with supplies, and every evening I'd head out to open water a couple of miles. Let them swim, and pick them off as they get close to the boat.

Writer's Block: One Thing I Did

What is one thing in life your friends said you could/would never do, but you did it anyway?

I lost 150 pounds (and still going) by simply eating less. I still eat what I want, I'm just careful about it. When I told family and friends 3 years ago I was going to lose 200 pounds, not a single person said I would do it. Another 45 pounds or so, and I'm there.

Writer's Block: The tenth time's the charm

What movie have you seen the most times in your life? How many times have you seen it? Will you ever grow tired of it?

that's easy. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I used to be in the local cast on Friday and Saturday nights all through high school. I quit counting at 200 times, but it's easily double that number now, especially since I got it on DVD and have thrown RHPS parties.